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How to live a brave & beautiful life in the middle of your challenging world


What if there was one easy shift you could make that would change everything?


Your financial situation

Your relationships

Your health

Your sense of purpose



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Do you find yourself lost in delight?

… Or do you feel discouraged, anxious, and maybe even stuck?


Do you feel beautifully connected to yourself, your loved ones, the Divine?

… Or disconnected from yourself and maybe those around you?


Does your life feel full of meaning and purpose right now?

… Or are you just getting through the day?


Do you feel like you have a secure base from which to live, work, and love?

… Or are you feeling tossed around by life, struggling to find your footing?

Have you recently experienced:

  • A loss (whether by death or by distance)
  • A divorce, breakup, or tension in an important relationship
  • An illness, sudden or chronic, for you or a loved one
  • An injury
  • A financial crisis
  • Or a loss of purpose?

All you need to do is find a way to fix the problem(s) life has thrown your way, or figure out where your joy went and find it again, right?

But hope is not hiding where you think! (in fact fixing the “problem” won’t actually fix things, at least not permanently)

So how do you find hope again when you’re feeling

  • Stuck
  • Discouraged
  • Anxious
  • Heartbroken
  • Or downright weary?

You deserve to connect to the deep well of hope!

Maybe you’re thinking there’s something wrong with your life, or even with you.

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"Catherine has this unique ability to hold space so carefully, to make you feel safe, to help you peel back the layers of who you are and what you're committed to. It's a joy to experience. Catherine truly is the Hope Whisperer. 


Chris Joseph, PhD., Transformational Coach. 

In the Hope Experience you will learn:



How to find your bearings again when the sh*t hits the fan



The one key to unlock hope, permanently



The exact process I used to move from hopeless to hope-full


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Wondering if you really need this?



Maybe the thoughts and feelings above reflect where you are right now. Or maybe you’ve been there in the past and want to solidify your role as Hope Ambassador for those you love. Either way, these eight weeks with members of the hope community will have a powerful impact.


This program is for you if:

  • You feel or have ever felt discouraged, weary, or hopeless
  • You’ve been through something painful or difficult
  • You want to feel better or learn to help those around you feel better

This program is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a pity party
  • You are content with your life exactly as it is
  • You’re committed to being right about the way you’ve seen the world and other people

Here’s what one successful executive had to say about this program: 


“It will change the trajectory of your life. Catherine is an incredibly smart, compassionate, and wise mentor.”


 ~Real estate development executive   



Are you thinking …

  • How could I possibly fix that giant problem
  • Things will never get better
  • I just have to suck it up
  • Poor me
  • Why bother
  • I can’t handle this
  • I’ll feel better when/if ____ happens
  • I’m a victim of (the way people treat me, the health crisis, the loss, my own brain that keeps looking at what’s wrong, etc.)
  • I have to hold it together for everyone else?

I have been there myself. In fact, it’s where I found myself over and over again during the first four decades of my life. Whenever I went through something painful my head would start swimming with these kinds of thoughts. 

I wasn’t very excited about being alive anymore, and believed that if only my circumstances would change then I’d feel better. Permanently. But I didn’t have a magic wand to fix the things that had gone wrong.

And then something happened. I stumbled upon the hope I so desperately wanted but had felt so fleeting in the past. Not momentarily, but a wellspring that gives me all the hope I had ever dreamed of. It has enabled me to hold onto a sense of wellbeing through all the curve balls life has thrown me since I made that discovery, even my husband’s incurable cancer. 

You have this fountain of hope too, but nobody told you that you have it nor taught you how to use it. I’m here to help you discover and learn how to cultivate it, no matter what life throws your way.

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In the Hope Experience, here’s what we’ll focus on, week by week:


Week 1 Preparing the ground for the journey

Week 2 Finding freedom: identifying the myths you’ve believed and truths that will set you free

Week 2 Un-sabotaging your wellbeing: discovering what’s in your way

Week 4 Learning to cultivate hope

Week 5 Finding connection, peace, and support

Week 6 Learning to notice, learning to be

Week 7 Using life as fertilizer

Week 8 Living a new story

Frequently Asked Questions

 About your facilitator

Catherine Hammond is an award-winning attorney, transformational coach, and life transition guide. She is the author of Hope(less): The Truth About Hope and Where to Find It.

After a childhood marked by abuse and neglect, a series of crises as an adult - including devastating losses, suicidality, divorce, financial struggles, and critical illnesses for loved ones - ultimately helped her discover how to finally find real and lasting wellbeing in the middle of the roller coaster of life.


Today Catherine’s primary focus is helping individuals, families, and executive teams navigate challenges and thresholds of all kinds. She has been featured in HuffPost, Newsweek, and People Magazine among others. Catherine brings a lifetime of wisdom and learning as well as an integrative approach to every program and interaction.

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You deserve to have the relationships and peace of mind you long for!

You can live bravely and beautifully no matter what is going on in your world!

You can find your joy and hope again, or for the first time ever!

Sign up now and step into the life your soul is longing for.

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