Scholarship Program for Healthcare Workers

You are a healthcare worker on the front lines of the pandemic, risking your life. But you don’t have estate planning documents to protect your family in case something happens to you.

Now you can’t even get basic documents because it’s not safe to meet in person.

In gratitude for all you do, we want to help you protect your family so that if the unthinkable happens they won’t have the extra hassles, delays, and expenses of dealing with the legal system.

  • 50% scholarship for your estate plan*

  • Completed and signed remotely, from the comfort and safety of your home

  • Documents ready within ten days

  • Offered by award-winning estate planning firm Hammond Law Group


*Regular fees $1,895 to $6495. Reduced to $947 to $2,995 with scholarships.

Fill out the form to receive information about the documents and how to get started. 

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Our basic estate plan is designed by an attorney specifically for you and typically includes:   

Last Will & Testament 
Financial Power of Attorney 
Healthcare Power of Attorney 
Living Will 
Universal HIPAA Release 
All other necessary supporting documents 

Lifetime guidance and support from experienced estate planning firm 

A Revocable Living Trust may be recommended depending on your situation. 

Complimentary funding assistance is provided for all trust clients. 


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What is the process?


1. Fill out the form above.

2. You will receive an email with a short, educational video describing the documents and process.

3. Call or email to schedule your time to with one of our attorneys. 719.520.1474 or [email protected]

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Everyone needs to put an estate plan in place. It’s critical for those of us with minor children. Catherine and her team are the ones to help. They laid out a plan to meet our needs and then took us through it step by step. I had lots of questions and they had the answers right away. Awesome service. Lots of peace of mind.

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Creating a Revocable Living Trust seemed like an overwhelming and frightening task until I met with Catherine Hammond. As I sat and listened to her explained things and the way she has responded to my questions made me feel like I was doing the right thing for the right reasons and with the right person.

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Voted Best Attorney in Colorado Springs 3 years running. 

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