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Start planning your estate to protect your family.

Estate planning may seem confusing and scary. Or you might think you don’t need one. But even if you have a will, and even if you don’t think you have “enough money”, you still need an estate plan. Why? To avoid devastating legal issues for your family.

Do you believe that planning an estate takes too long, is too complicated, and you already have enough on your plate? Let us help you simplify it and finally find the time.

Register for our upcoming workshop and we will go through everything you need to know about wills, trusts, medical directives, and estate planning.

Your future is too important to miss this workshop.

Our End of the Year Offer:

Choose a trust based estate plan by the end of December and we'll give you $500 off.  Don't miss out - these are the last workshops of the year. 

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The Essentials of Estate Planning Workshop


Colorado Springs

 Tuesday, December 6th at 2 pm 
The Phyllis A. Hammond Educational Center
2955 Professional Pl.
Ste. 101,
Colorado Springs, CO 80904



 Wednesday, December 7th at 2 pm
730 Colorado Blvd Suite 200
Denver, CO 80206


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My Story

Catherine Hammond, Founder of Hammond Law

I learned firsthand the effects of failing to plan when my mother developed early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease. There were no planning documents in place which left me with the grueling process of dealing with her estate. At a time when I wanted to grieve and heal, instead, I was battling with difficult legal issues.

After going through such a heart-wrenching experience, I became passionate about helping other families to avoid going through what I went through. That’s why, at Hammond Law, I now focus on estate planning and I am determined to help protect families from the devastating legal effects of disability and death.

I understand how frustrating it can feel when you know how important a good estate plan is, and are overwhelmed by not knowing where to start. That’s why we are running this workshop. We will show you the first step to getting started and guide you through everything you need to know.

Register now for peace of mind and the relief to know your family will be taken care of properly.

What We'll Cover In The Workshop

People tend to think of documents when they think of estate planning, but that’s a backwards approach. Estate planning is about identifying what’s important to you and ensuring you have a plan in place to cover everything necessary for your loved ones. Documents are one of the tools used to implement your plan, but the documents themselves are only one small piece. At this workshop we will take a thorough look at all the areas you need to plan for in order to protect your loved ones, and discuss the various documents to implement a comprehensive plan.
  • Common misconceptions about estate planning that leave families unprepared and vulnerable
  • Costly mistakes people make in DIY estate plans
  • How to go from overwhelmed to confident planning for your future
  • Three ways to create safety and security with your estate plan
  • What documents are a must and what else you will need


Extra Bonuses

Just for registering, you'll receive these bonus downloadable documents:

  • Seven Things You Should Know Before You Begin Your Estate Plan
  • What Every Homeowner Needs to Know About How to Own Property

Save your family headaches and heartaches by getting your plan this year. Today is the day.  

Choose a trust based estate plan with us by the end of December, we'll give you $500 off. 

This is the last workshop of the year to get this offer. Register today. 

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What Our Attendees Are Saying About The Workshop

“Excellent in every way – very informative and helpful!”

“Very clear, very beneficial. Recommend for EVERYONE. Excellent presentation!”

“Thank you so much! Not only are you clearly an expert in your field with passion for your material, you held my interest for over an hour and helped me understand better a confusing, critical aspect of life.”

“Hammond has been professional and very friendly. They have made what seemed to be a daunting task very manageable. We highly recommend them!”

Who Is Running The Workshop?

As an Estate Planning Attorney with Hammond Law Group, Chad Spencer focuses his practice on educating people on how they can painlessly preserve and protect what they hold most dear. In conjunction with the educational process, Chad is dedicated to learning the specific needs, concerns and wishes of each individual client family so their estate plan truly meets their needs, addresses their concerns and fulfills their wishes. An estate plan, like life, is ever evolving and Chad looks forward to working with each of his clients as their lives evolve ensuring that their legacy remains intact.

Voted best Attorney three years in a row. That can't be a mistake, right?