Us & Coronavirus: A Guide to Planning with Parents and Elders During the Pandemic


  • Five conversations you’ll want to have with your parents right now
  • Tips for keeping those over 60 safe & sane
  • Questions to deepen your relationship in the midst of the storm
  • How and where to get important documentation
  • Numerous ideas and links to activities specifically geared to loved ones over 60

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Staying Safe

Keeping your parents safe without sacrificing what makes them feel alive

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Mental and Physical Health

How to support your parents in staying healthy & vibrant

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Strengthening Relationships

How to use this time to build a deeper, stronger relationship 

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Essential Boring Stuff

The information and documentation that will carry you through the pandemic and beyond

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The 'Mortality' Conversation

Using today’s uncertainty to bring comfort around the hardest things

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Catherine Hammond is an award-winning attorney, public speaker, author, and helper. As an attorney, she helps people plan for and walk through difficult transitions in life, including disability and death. She also serves as a transformational coach for people seeking to find depth and meaning in the challenges of life. The heart-wrenching experience of her mother’s journey with early onset Alzheimer’s, beginning when Catherine was still a teenager, was her inspiration to become an attorney.

 Hammond Law Group, in Colorado, focuses only on estate planning and elder law. She is on the Board of Governors for the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Through focusing her law practice only on estate planning and elder law, she gets to help others protect their loved ones from the unnecessary headaches and heartaches her family went through. For more information, visit